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What should I consider when choosing a case manager?

There are a number of qualities to consider when choosing a case manager. This list is not inclusive, but provides a guideline for choosing a case manager.

  1. Above all, you feel comfortable with the case manager.
  2. The case manager has an updated and unencumbered license or credentials of his or her professional discipline.
  3. The case manager has field experience working with people who have sustained catastrophic injuries.
  4. The case management company is a legally formed company within the state the home office is located.
  5. The case manager is aware of and has policies that follows HIPAA and privacy laws to protect your personal health information.
  6. The case manager is knowledgeable about your state’s auto no-fault and worker’s compensation benefits and is willing to help you understand them.
  7. The case manager is knowledgeable about resources in the community in which you reside.
  8. The case manager has working relationships with doctors, psychologists, providers, equipment and supply companies, labs, pharmacies, and transportation services within your community.
  9. After meetings with the case manager, you feel informed and your questions are answered.
  10. You feel the case manager understands your needs, provided options and solutions, and is eager to help you.