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Our history and founder

Ambrose Rehabilitation Consultants was founded in November 2005. It began with a vision, a cell phone, a laptop, and a dining room table. Since the doors opened, Ambrose Care Management has been very busy. We have an ever-growing team of case managers and office support to meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders. The dining room table has been replaced with a full office suite and operations located in Okemos, Michigan just outside of our capitol city, Lansing.

The vision of Ambrose was to be the place where people come when they need help. That is still the vision today. It is as simple as that. We believe people need to be independent and involved and make it our mission to help people achieve these goals. We are resourceful, knowledgeable, compassionate, tireless and we are advocates. 

Ambrose Care Management is a case management practice that employs a group of nurses, social workers, and vocational counselors to serve people who have experienced life-changing injuries. The energy and diversity of skills on this team maximizes our clients’ abilities to care for themselves, get back to work or school, drive, manage their homes and family relationships, participate as fully as possible in their communities and enjoy life. 

I have been serving individuals and families in rehabilitation, medical and psychiatric social work and case-management capacities since 1988. Prior to the creation of Ambrose Care Management, I was a consulting Executive Director of Michigan Operations for Coordinated Care Solutions ( Care Guide), a catastrophic case management organization serving the commercial health care field covering the state of Michigan. I was the Director of Hope Network Lansing Rehabilitation, a large inpatient and outpatient neuro-rehabilitation organization located in East Lansing, Michigan serving individuals with traumatic brain injuries. I held the position of Director of Psychiatric Emergencies, Access and Utilization Management for Shiawassee County Community Mental Health serving adults and children with severe and persistent mental illnesses and behavioral challenges. I was the Volunteer Coordinator for Visiting Nurse Hospice in charge of recruiting, training, preparing, and placing an on-going team of volunteers to provide an array of services to patients/families of the hospice program. I have a long time history of outpatient psychotherapy working with adults, children, and families who face serious medical and mental illnesses. 

Ambrose Care Management is founded on the words of St. Ambrose of Milan – “No word should be uttered without depth or meaning.” Ambrose Care Management is a company where communication is a core task for quality care. St. Ambrose of Milan reminds us of our mission of connectedness through our use of communication. 

Everyday, there are new medical breakthroughs, information, resources, assistive technology. Ambrose Care Management looks forward to the future and everything it holds for our clients.

Elizabeth Piner, LMSW, CCM, ACSW