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A Moment in Time

A moment in time is all it takes for an ordinary and routine day to become a life that has changed forever. The news of a physical or medical threat strikes to the core of our fears – losing someone who is precious to us or losing our life as we know it.

It is that moment when someone received the “call” or received the “news.” That person can recite the date, time, weather, and what they were doing at that time. This moment is vivid to people who have just experienced it and to people who experienced it years ago. The moment blindsides us. Normal days appear to have come to an end.

There are questions, uncertainties, and doctors who will not promise an outcome. There are days and nights in the hospital or attending doctor appointments. There is waiting for tests, labs and surgery results. New specialists and providers are coming and going, medical equipment is needed, the house needs to be changed and decisions need to be made. There can be an overwhelming and confusing number of medical bills, insurance and benefits issues. There are emotional reactions and uncertainty of how to go on.

This moment establishes a permanent place in our minds and in our calendars. (Please see A Mother’s Story.)  Jo demonstrates very well what many of us experience at this time. During this overwhelming time, daily life of family, work, and school somehow still needs to continue on. Our mission at Ambrose Care Management is to assist people wherever they need help.
Oftentimes people simply do not know where to turn for help. I invite you to begin with a call to us.

Elizabeth Piner, LMSW, ACSW, CCM
Certified Case Manager