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Information and Referral

An injury can create a whirlwind of uncertainty, confusion and questions. Do you have a general question about case management or Ambrose Rehabilitation Consultants? Just complete the form and you will have an answer with one business day.

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1. This is for general questions only. Do not leave a question in the event of an emergency. Contact the appropriate emergency responders such as 911, your emergency department or your physician.
2. Although our goal is to contact you back within one business day, there can be a number of reasons why a response did not occur. Please follow-up with a phone call to our office if you did not receive a response. 
3. If you are a client of Ambrose and are attempting to get in contact with a staff member, please contact the office. 
4. We take confidentiality and privacy seriously but there is a risk when transmitting personal information through the internet. For this reason, we recommend that you keep your question general and provide very little personal or identifying information. Ambrose Rehabilitation Consultants takes no responsibility in breaches of confidentiality through use of the internet. Ambrose will respond to questions in a general manner. 
5. If you would like to provide more detail or information that results in the transmission of personal data, for your protection, we recommend that you call our office. We will be very happy to contact you by phone and discuss your inquiry in more detail.